Missing Pieces.

This is a list of things that I am going to do before I die. Hopefully. I may add to it periodically.

Swim with a dolphin.
Get something besides my ears pierced.
Learn Spanish.
Go on a Cruise.
Go on a Roadtrip.
Go on a Spontaneous weeklong trip… alone.
Spend $500 on Me… in one trip.
Fall in love Again.
Be loved… with Real live Unconditional Love.
Have a child.
Compete in Miss Arkansas. Compete in a Mrs. pageant
Be genuinely happy with my body.
Run a marathon.
Learn how to salsa.
Learn to juggle.
Scuba in the Great Reef.
Ride in a hot air balloon.
Say things I didn’t but wish I had.
Get a professional massage.
Go deep sea fishing.
Learn to bartend.
Visit an active volcano.
Shoot a gun.
Slap someone who deserves it.
Fly first class
See a Broadway Show… in NY
Go see Niagra Falls
Go see the Great Pyramids.
Have a penpal (that I’ve never met) thats deployed
Go muddin’ on a 4-wheeler.
Forgive myself.
Go an entire year sober.
Finally understand guys.
Walk through Central Park.
Not care.
Forgive my dad.
Go skydiving.
Own a Golden Retriever.
Learn to Drive a Stick.
Buy a Motorcycle
Spend $300 on an amazing purse and not feel guilty.
Really trust someone.
Swim under a waterfall.
Graduate college.
Learn when to give in…
Learn when being stubborn is okay.
Live for Me.


One Response to “Missing Pieces.”

  1. Ever think of moving “Forgive my dad” to the top of the list? It seems to be where a lot of your problems may have come from. He is still your dad and it might be nice to take him for what he is, maybe even try to help him, You could love him as one of the two people who brought you into this world and not point your finger at his flaws or blame your own on him.

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