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A Multitude of Happenings.

Posted in Daddy Issues, I heart Lists, Love, Work on June 6, 2008 by Danielle Self
  • T and I had lunch a couple days ago.  And it went perfectly.  Just as I hoped it would have.  Of course it was natural to want to flirt but other than that there was nothing.  I. Felt. Nothing.  And it was perfect.  We argued a lot because he doesn’t think that J is good enough for me…. but I assured him that I really didn’t care what he thought and that I was a big girl and I could do whatever I wanted.  I was amazed that I didn’t care to call him that night and overanalyze the entire situation.  I was amazed that when I told him he was stupid for dating a married woman and he got mad that I felt no need to apologize and grovel for forgiveness. I was amazed that when he left, a hug was sufficient.  I was amazed that all I could think about while sitting with him was J and how I couldn’t wait to see him again.
  • I’ve been back in Arkansas for about 3 weeks now and have yet to have an alcoholic drink besides the couple beers I had with J.  I’m more proud of myself than I think people even realize. HOWEVER, I am pretty dang tired of my roommate already.  Its 12:30 in the morning… I have class at 730… and there is a party going on in my living room.  Amazing how 3 jello shots and one mixed drink will have you wasted in a matter of… ohhhh…. 15 minutes?  Crazy.  Someone please shoot me.
  • My Fazzha called today and told me that he was sick and needed me to come and babysit my twin siblings. (Translation: “Daughter, I’m out of drugs and my surgery recovery time is up.  Time to find something else that makes me sick for 8-10 months.  Come over so I look legit.”) I’m so tired of it.  Thats a WHOLE nother ball game though… Maybe I’ll muster up the energy to release my daddy issues on everyone this weekened sometime… not right now though.  I’m too in the moment to be level headed about it.  But I’m not sure that after 15 years of being in the moment, that I’ll be able to take myself out of it.  I just wish he would man up and quit being such a dick head.
  • J…. ahhhh J….. I’m sticking to my theory that he is one of the more complicated men in this world.  I love him dearly but I can’t understand him worth anything.  One minute he’s lovey dovey and wants to elope because he can’t stand to be away from me and the next he’s saying that he refuses to get married until I’ve graduated.  I just really don’t know what to do.  I guess my only option is to just wait…
  • I got a job today :-) Finally! I’m going to be working at a tanning place in town.  Its not the best money in the world but it’ll do for now.
  • Oh!  And I’ve also started working out again everyday.  J won’t see me again until December and I want to make sure that I look better than ever :-)

Lost in Translation

Posted in Hawaii, Random, The South, Work on May 8, 2008 by Danielle Self

Pre-story: The real estate office that I work with has been entertaining an investor from Bulgaria. He’s super duper rich and is one of the top 10 builders in the entire nation of Bulgaria. He LOVES his mother land and is VERY European. As in, the first time I met him he was wearing booty shorts that I’m not even brave enough to wear. His name is Milen (Pronounced Mee-lan).

Milen: (Points at me) She no Hawaiian no?
CoWorker: No, Milen. She is from Arkansas. She is American.
Milen: Where is this Arkansas (Pronounced: Ar-can-sass)?
Me: Southern America
Milen: (shrug)
Me: By Texas.
Milen: Ahhhh! Texas! I know Texas! I fly with people from Texas. They no smell nice. Smell like no have shower for week.
Me: Haha… well some people probably don’t shower that much.
Milen: No all Texas people no smell good. Smell like dirty shower. I no say you smell no good. Texas people smell no good.

Next Day

Me: Hi Milen! How are you?
Milen: (Moves mere inches from my face) I’m doing good. How is you?
Me: I’m doing great, Thanks. You smell nice. (He really did… )
Milen: Oh! I no smell like I form Texas no?
Me: Hah… you smell good. Better than Texas people.
Milen: You like my smell?
Me: Yes I do. Its very nice.
Milen: I don’t know if I smell Texas people or their villages. Texas get around on horse no?
Me: I’m sorry?
Milen: Texas people go on horse from village to village no?
Me: Absolutely… I wish we had cars there. It’d make things a lot easier.
Milen: How big Arkansas city?
Me: Oh… about half a million.
Milen: That all? That small. Where is Arkansas City by?
Me: Um… Its by Dallas.
Milen: Oh! Dallas. Dallas pretty but no smell good.

The Day After that my boss told me that while they were at dinner Milen asked if he thought I would “make sex” with him. He wanted me to go back to Bulgaria with him and be ONE of his girlfriends. Someone asked how he got referred to such a small real estate company. Our loan officer’s mom does his hair plugs.


Posted in Random, Unsent Letters, Work on April 15, 2008 by Danielle Self

This could very possibly be a slightly touchy subject for a few: thats right, I’m going to talk about racism.

I read that bogus post “Thank You White People” or whatever that was so big and I was flabbergasted.  Had a white person written something along the lines of that… we would have been hunted down and shot and accused of some horrible crime like punching babies in the face or tripping old people.  I understand that somebody’s great great grandparents enslaved their great great grandparents.  And that sucks. But really? That was 100s of years ago and the white people of America can only say “I’m sorry” so many times. It was not our fault but the fault of our past.  Yes, there are some crazy people that still believe that they are of a lower class because of their skin color… but I honestly do not believe that that is the majority.

Before I go any further I want to make sure that people don’t think that I’m racist because I am most definitely not.  High School Sweetheart is Latino and LA Lawyer is African American as well as a football player that I briefly dated right after high school. I hold no grudges against any race other than when the topic of racism arises because that tends to be when people get dumb.

Okay now that that is out of the way, I rarely just really dislike people. I’m indifferent to a lot of people where I don’t necessarily like them but I don’t necessarily dislike them.  But today I crossed a line with one of my coworkers.  She is a new agent and thinks she is hot shit. Shes been gradually getting on my nerves since she first started working here.  I tried to avoid her so as to prolong the “indifferent phase” but I can’t any longer. I want to rip her weave out. I believe she is from VA but I’m not sure.  Nevertheless, I think that she is the right hand of Satan.

I am an office assistant.  As in I generally assist people in the office as well as the broad business side of things.  I file; I print; I type; I organize; I greet; I assist.  I get that.  It is my job to help them in any way I can and I am more than happy to do it considering I’m usually sitting here stalking people’s blogs because I have nothing to do. However, it is not my job to be their bitch.

If you would like for me to print something off for you (out of sheer kindness because this is your work to do) because you are irresponsible and FORTY MINUTES LATE to your meeting do not raise your voice at me and shove out your hand and grasp the air like I’m an idiot that should have already had this done.  Also, if you’re leaving, just leave, you don’t have to come by my desk and tell me.  I’ll realize you aren’t here by the lack of putrid arrogance in the air.  After receiving a compliment, most people would smile and say thank you.  You, you, you.  You are different though.  Just so you know “I know. Isn’t it great? God blessed me with good genes.” is NOT an acceptable response to someone saying that you don’t look your age. (which btw is WAY old)

I’m sure that some of you are wondering why I started off with racism and then went to how I despise this new agent.  Well, heres the rub- shes African American. I’m doubting I would have said anything anyways due to me being so nonconfrontational. But considering I am from the South it would be even MORE taboo to say anything to her about her being a bitch because of her race. Although my disliking her has to do with her lack of personality, humility, and kindness, if there was anyone that could tell I didn’t like her it would be automatically construed as racism.  And that sucks.  If she was purple, blue, yellow, brown, or white, I would still think that she needed an attitude adjustment. However, she is not.  She is black and because she is black I almost have to treat her with an extra amount of respect than I would people of my own race because I am overly cautious about being seen as racist.

I remember when I was dating that college football player that my mom found out who he was.  She had heard me say his name and as she was watching the news, sports came on and they were talking about him.  She called me that very moment and told me that I needed to come home. When I got back to my house, she informed me that I was no longer allowed to see him anymore and if she saw his phone number on the bill one more time that I would no longer have a phone. I told her that I really didn’t care what she thought but that I was going to see him anyways.  I was grounded for two weeks.  I got grounded for casually dating a black man.  Dead Serious.  She told me that it wasn’t necessarily her that had a problem but that she knew that my step father and grandparents would and she didn’t want to have to deal with that.  She said that if I continued the relationship that I would no longer be accepted in the family and that they would all disown me.


Seeing that level of blind racism and seeing how it can hurt someone made me realize that I never even wanted to be seen that way.  I know what is in my heart but I never wanted anyone to even question if I was racist or not.  However, I feel that its sad that I nearly have to put people of other races on a pedestal in order to accomplish that.

Why is the first response to someone not being especially nice to someone of a different race- racism?

Blog-tastic Work Fun

Posted in Blogging, Hawaii, Work on March 19, 2008 by Danielle Self

I realize that I’ve been blogging out the wazoo the past couple days but hey- I have a lot of catching up to do. Plus some scandalous tidbits of life just happened and were literally begging to be put on the web.

I work at a small real estate company in Honolulu as an office assistant. Just general office work is my specialty. I smile and greet people, type, organize, manage, etc. I have been employed here for 4 months and absolutely love the people that I work with. (Yea… some are socially awkward but they grew up in Hawaii… what can you expect?) However, I have made a recent life decision that I am moving back to Arkansas to continue with school and be closer to my family. I’ve known this for about a month now and have already put a deposit on an apartment and reapplied (and been accepted) to school. While, I haven’t exactly told work yet, I have an excuse. I am not moving until the middle of May and being as it is now the middle of March, I don’t want them to find someone else and me be without a job for the next two months while my bills and moving expenses go off without a hitch. Therefore, I’m waiting until the beginning of May to tell them. I figure that that would be best seeing as it still gives them two weeks to find someone new and I still get to keep my job as long as possible.

One problem- I apparently kick ass at my job and am better than anyone they have ever had. Last month, (right after I put down my deposit) they presented me with a raise, which I gladly took. Our president is in town this week and I just got out of a meeting with him and the Principal Brokers about 2 minutes ago… and I’m apparently getting a promotion to presenter as well. Meaning that I’ll be getting another raise and bonus every time someone signs a Buyer’s Agreement. Holy. Cow. My lies are getting bigger and bigger. I’m not sure how much longer I can hide this. Apparently everyone in the office was in on this little secret but me because they keep coming up to me with their faces all lit up asking if I’m excited and saying “Congrats!” And well really, I can’t be like “Oh, thanks but no thanks. I don’t like having more money. I’ll pass on the promotion. ‘Preciate it though!” So I keep having to put up this front like I’m planning on living in Hawaii forever and that I love my job and I can’t wait for them to spend countless moments training me for this position I’m going to have a month and a half and then bolt. And on top of that I’m going to be getting like a $3/hr raise… Blah! I’m on lunch break right now with my trusty laptop fuming over the presentation of my newly acquired presentation skills that I’m supposed to give in oh…. 2 hours. I was presented the information for the first time about 45-60 minutes ago. Apparently this is what its like to be a big girl with a big girl job. Who knew?

** Update** I’ve decided not to take the job.  Wish me luck in explaining why to my bosses tomorrow…