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Beautiful Imperfection.

Posted in Bring on the Rain, Daddy Issues, Heart-to-Hearts, life, Love, Marriage, My Mom, Weddings on December 22, 2008 by Danielle Self

Its amazing the amount of things that can happen when you aren’t paying attention.

In the past year, I moved, went back to school, got re-engaged, dropped back out of school, got in a wreck, got a new car, decided said new car was a junker, got married, got in another wreck, lost a best friend, gained a new best friend, lost my father, got married again, and am now awaiting another move in a week.

Today is December 22, 2008 and I have been legally married to my husband for nearly 3 months now even though we just had the wedding on the 18th. It was beautiful. Of course there were a few things that didn’t go perfectly but really that’s part of what made it so beautiful.

As I sit here at my new mother-in-law’s house and watch my husband sleep in his signature pose (mouth WIDE open), I can’t help but realize how lucky I am to find a match that fits me so well. No, he’s not perfect. But neither am I. We argue… we fight… we definitely disagree on some things… but all in all we are each other’s perfect balance.

Its odd to think about how one minor decision changed on either side could have altered everything. Now I couldn’t be more thankful for my past drinking problems and his failure to even show up to his classes.

Not only has my marital status changed, but so has my religious status. A self proclaimed atheist mere weeks ago, I’m ready to start believing there is a God again. I’m still not so sure about this Heaven and Hell stuff… but I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way that all of the things that happened to get me here writing this today could have happened without a little guidance from the giant puppeteer in the sky.

Also, if there were no God… then how could I feel my dad watching me right now as I type? I miss him. More than I thought I would, to be honest. I guess its the old saying that you never really know what you have until its gone. Yes, he made many many many mistakes and for a while I really and truly hated him for it. But it was another one of those things that had it not happened, my life would have been drastically different and I’m 100% positive that I wouldn’t be sitting here next to my prissy little puppy and snoozing husband.

Now, I’m about to head back off to Hawaii. The one thing that crosses my mind? How desperately I’m going to miss my mom. There are other people and things I’m going to miss here… but my mom. My mom has been my rock for so long and kept me grounded and heading in the right direction. She’s not perfect… but we’re developing the perfect balance in our relationship more and more everyday. Its so easy to take people for granted until they are taken away from you. I know that my mom will always be there for me… but its different when you are 4,000 miles away. I’ll just have to keep my promise of no babies until I’m back in the Continental so she can spoil them properly.

In a messy room… filled with dirty clothes, beer, game cords, not much money, but a whole lot of love… I must say that I am easily one of the luckiest people in the world.


The best 10 days- EVER.

Posted in life, Love, Marriage, Weddings on October 5, 2008 by Danielle Self

I’m married.


No, I’m not lying.

Yes, I was/am scared shitless.

Yes, we are still having the wedding in December.

Justin went back to Hawaii today.  I’ve decided that instead of wallowing in self pity… I’m going to blog, work out (Since I gained like 8 lbs while he was here), help mom clean house (Since I live with her now…), then repack my room and get it all ready to put in the pod and ship off to our new home.

So happy thoughts.  Happy thoughts.

Highlights from the engagement party:

My cousins baby showed me why I should invest in birth control.  I dont like baby slobber... and they slobber a lot.

My cousin's baby showed me why I should invest in birth control. I don't like baby slobber... and they slobber a lot.


Yea... I was that happy with him here.

Yea... I was that happy with him here. We are just too freakin' cute. :-)

My mom likes pictures where you arent looking at the camera.

My mom likes pictures where you aren't looking at the camera.

Again... look over there!

Again... look over there!

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

Here Fishy Fishy Fishy

I love him.  My husband.

I love him. My husband.




He is so sweet to me....

He is so sweet to me....

This goes out to all the engaged (or hoping to be eventually.)

Posted in Weddings on July 24, 2008 by Danielle Self

It seems like the wedding planning NEVER ends.  Don’t get me wrong… its fun.  But believe it or not- there are times when I really don’t want to think about who is coming and if they are bringing kids, what kind of appetizers to serve, who’s going to make those appetizers, whatdressshouldthebridesmaidswear,whattuxshouldthegroomsmen
goingtolikeeverythyingIchoose, among others. It. Gets. Slightly. Overwhelming.  And by slightly, I mean that it feels like there is a big meteor about to hit Earth and the whole world’s survival depends on if I choose the right size lilly for my bouquet.

SO- I have decided that I am going to begin a blog series on different wedding websites and ideas that I’ve found.  Hope you enjoy!

Today, I am starting off with just random ideas that I’ve found in the past few months that my FH (future husband- EEEEEK!) and I plan to use on our big day.  

*Favors-Since we aren’t having a huge wedding we decided that a cute idea for our favors would be to have a tall clear cookie jar filled with my grandma’s AWESOME fudge and then another one filled with her AMAZING divinity.  Then we are going to have the recipes on little slips of paper in front of the jars so our guests can go home and make it for themselves too!  This could also work to have your mom’s cookie recipe and his mom’s brownie recipe or anything like that.

*Custom Monograms– makes custom monograms for about $35 each and then emails you the copy.  You can use this and take it to Kinko’s or any other printing store and get them printed on your DIY invitations, programs, or get iron on transfers made for your runner or t-shirts and bags.  You could make this the “theme” of your wedding. 

*Trivia- I found these adorable place card holders on sale.  I had NO idea what to do with them though since we aren’t having assigned seating since there are so few people that are going to be coming.  So my mom and I had a brainstorm in the isle and came up with the idea of having random trivia placed on the tables- including the ones with the food.  For example, one will say “Justin and Danielle had their first date on August 24, 2007” and another will say “Justin and Danielle have a min-pin puppy named Bo.”

*Advice Boxes– I think my mom came up with this idea.  We are going to have advice for the bride and advice for the groom boxes.  Now this has probably been done tons of times… but what makes ours unique is the decor of the boxes.  My future sister-in-law and I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and got two round craft boxes.  One tall and skinnier… one shorter and fatter.  The tall skinny one is OF COURSE the brides. We painted the cardboard colored box white and stenciled “bride” on the top.  Then, we added a veil.  We bought about a yard or two of tulle and glued what looks like a long viel on to the back of the box.  For the groom’s, we painted in black and added a strip of white ribbon right under the lid and to that ribbon we attached an old bow tie that we found.  For the buttons we used small gems and just put three going down the box.  We stenciled “groom” on the top of this one.  Cut slits and we were done!  I’ll add pictures of this one when I get home since they don’t sound as good on here… but for now- trust me that they are ADORABLE.

*Signs- our location is out in the middle of no where.  We rented out a 2-story colonial house.  So we are going to have cute little signs leading the way from the two ways that our guests will be getting there.  It’ll just say things like “Justin and Danielle are getting hitched!” then have an arrow leading the way.  Very rustic looking.

*Growing up Pictures- My FH and I didn’t have a very long courtship… and in the bulk of that we weren’t very happy with the way that we were looking.  So we don’t have many pictures of us together but we both have tons of cute growing up pictures that I wanted to find something to do with.  I have decided on one of two options- the first of which being the standard photo slideshow projected on the wall with some of the music that we really want played.  The second of which being a photo line.  Drape ribbon or clothing line or fishing line or whatever and attach the actual childhood pictures of both of you with a clip so that your guests can enjoy them as long and as often as they want!

Next post- Great Bargain Websites and ways to cheat the over priced wedding market!

2 weddings and a funeral.

Posted in Love, Weddings on March 18, 2008 by Danielle Self

I’m sitting on the couch all alone seething in the fact that my lovable little puppy just looked me in the eye, lifted his leg, and pissed on my gym bag.  <— Not entirely relevant to my post… but bothered me nonetheless.

Actually, I was sitting here watching “How Do I Look?” on the Style Network and just generally reveling in the reality show world that seems to have taken over my life when the makeoveree comes out and looks AMAZING. This chick who was 100% nasty trailer trash goodness comes out and looks hott. H-O-T-T. Seriously.  Then her boyfriend comes up and hugs her and tells her that she looks amazing and then drops on one knee and proposes.  At this point, most other girls would tilt their head to one side, sigh, and do some form of “awwwwww!” Whereas in my case, I start crying uncontrollably.  I wonder if this will ever end? Its odd to think that had things been still going to plan I would be a mere 136 days from walking down the isle.

I can’t help but rub my ring finger every time I think of him and know that MY ring is sitting in a box in his closet. MY ring…. that I may never wear again.  I went over to his place one night and after a few drinks mustered up the courage to ask if I could wear it for the night. Why? …. Because Last Year’s Queen still wants it to be her year.  After approximately 35 seconds I took it off again.  It was too much. This gorgeous ring that I picked out myself, that meant so much, and promised me the world and all the happiness it can bring is now just a piece of metal and a rock. There’s no promise now- no hope- no “when we have kids”- no us…. which is the hardest part.

J proposed on October 1st.  A very short and intense 37 days from the very first time we met. I just “knew”. Thats how I explained it to people when they told me I was crazy for doing it so young and so quickly.  I told them I know it sounds crazy but “I just know.” Don’t I look dumb now? Survey says- Yes.

However, I still find it necessary for some reason to keep the Bridal Mags that I bought that first weekend and watch the Style Network. (Which should really be called- “We like shoving it in your face that we found so many people that are getting married to make a new episode to every show on this channel every week and you aren’t one of them” Network.)  I guess I like to believe theres still hope for us… something. I at least try rationalizing my odd behaviors.

Its one of those things that I know its probably not the best thing for me. I believe that once a man yells “God. Are you Fucking Stupid?!?!” in your face when you are trying to park his car for him… then you should walk away.  I apparently can’t.  Guess I’ll just continue to mind screw myself into this fracking huge hole I’m digging.

Oh and dog that peed on my gym bag?  Engagement gift from said ex…  Super.