The Jewels That Make Up My Crown.

1. I am probably one of the most hot/cold people you’ll ever meet. I’m always the happiest person in the world or the most depressed.

2. Sometimes I think I enjoy being sad. If that makes any sense at all…. as in I sometimes find myself looking for reasons to be upset… maybe its just that when things seem too good to be true- they usually are.

3. I have TERRIBLE body image… I could be a size 00 and still think I’m too fat and buy 20 fitness magazines to figure out how to get rid of that “stubborn belly fat”… or whatever they suck us into.

4. My terrible body image may have to do with the fact that I’m kind of obsessed with Playboy. I know the pictures are airbrushed… but still.

5. That being said, I will drop EVERYTHING to watch The Girls Next Door. I love Bridget.

6. I am completely hopeless when it comes to trying to figure out what men are thinking. Fraternity boys? I totally have them figured out…. but guys that think with their other head? Not so much. Um- I don’t have to try to figure them out anymore- I’m getting hitched!

7. I cry every time I think that I would have been married in 5 months…. Less than 5 months until the big day!

8. I’ve lately come to realize that nothing is perfect. And that in itself is perfect.

9. I listen to Coldplay and Keith Urban’s “Tonight I wanna Cry” when I’m upset. I saw Sparks…. but who the eff cares now?

10. Yes, I’m one of those girls who tends to torture themselves by watching his favorite movie or listening to his favorite song when I’m upset about a guy.

11. Speaking of that, Garden State is a good movie…. and I like it a lot. Even if it makes me want to throw things at the TV because stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life and you can’t just throw your life away in another part of the world for love…. I take that back…. apparently you can :-)

12. I’m probably one of the few girls who can not stand “The Notebook.”

13. I get physically sick when I think about moving from Hawaii back to Arkansas. I’ve never been in a long distance not relationship. Yea…. its complicated. Been there, done that. Going back to Hawaii.

14. Sometimes I get mad and can’t even look at my dog Bo because he makes me sad… even though I know its not his fault. He’s just simply my little precious gay dog now.

15. I blame my dad for almost everything that goes wrong in my life or bad habits that I have. I’m not sure why… I guess it just seems easier that way.

16. My mom did a great job raising me (at least I think so….) and has shown me exactly what I do and do not want to do with my kids (who will not be born for a VERY long time).

17. I let people walk all over me a majority of the time… and pick the most inopportune times to stand up for myself.

18. I HATE to admit this… but if I really care about someone I actually do get jealous.

19. I tend to get mad at other people for things I actually do myself… and for that I’m sorry.

20. I’m a serial flirt. So uh… don’t take it too seriously if I flirt with you.

21. I’m constantly worried and scared about the future.

22. I can not STAND for people to be mad at me or not like me. So I usually bend over backwards for that person… even if I’m mad at them or don’t like them either.

23. When I actually do get married, I’m not going to be “that girl” to other guys and lie to my husband about who I’m talking to and how often nor will even the topic of sex come up in conversation with another man unless I’m talking about how amazingly fabulous it is with my guy…. low blow? Probably.

24. As seen above, I can be immature sometimes. But at least I know when I’m being immature.

25. Blood is thicker than water but love trumps all. All y’all need get used to it.

26. Although I talk big- I would definitely be the first to run from a confrontation.

27. I never give up on love. Its a curse and a blessing.

28. I’m terrified of Oompa Loompas. Thats why the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is so much better than the old. Its not a horror film.

29. I am a super slow walker. That tends to annoy people.

30. I can’t exercise outside because I get distracted too easily and I’ll trip or run into something.

31. If there was one thing I could change about my childhood, it would be that we would go camping and do more family things. Of course that would require having a dad thats not laying in bed with a migraine and drugged out all the time. But yea that would have been nice.

32. Okay, one more thing I would change about my childhood, I would have not under any circumstances been raised Southern Baptist. Maybe I wouldn’t have such a pessimistic outlook on religion. I think that maybe Methodist or Non-Denominational would have been better.

33. Alright, while we’re on it… another thing I would change about my childhood is that I wouldn’t have been so sheltered. I never understood that couples fight. Even if they are really happy in the relationship they sometimes argue or disagree. I never ever ever saw that. Not that I needed to see it often but just a little so that I didn’t have such unrealistic expectations about relationships.

34. I like having my own source of income. Knowing that I’m supporting myself is empowering. I can not stand to ask people for money.

35. I don’t understand how people can just divorce. Unless there is physical danger present… I just don’t get it.

36. I’ve come to realize that forever is a very long time. And if you are the slightest bit scared or unsure thinking about “forever” with someone. It isn’t the right time.

37. I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life if I don’t open up the dress shop. Nothing else would compare. I’d never be truly happy.

38. My most perfect first kiss was at an ice skating rink.

39. Now, I can’t stop smiling. Hah….

40. 5 minutes later, I still can’t concentrate… :-)

41. At this very moment, I’ve never been so scared about whats to come of that first kiss. That first kiss is leading to wedding bells!!

42. I was once proposed to wearing nothing but a towel.

43. Have you ever noticed that time goes really slow until the precise moment you want it to go slow, in which case it starts speeding past you like a freaking cheetah on speed?

44. I am almost always the most cautious, carefully planned out person.

45. I make lists for EVERYTHING.

46. Sometimes I amaze myself with my own stupidity. Don’t get me wrong… I am very intelligent. But sometimes I just do blatantly stupid things before I think about it.

47. I would love to work in an animal shelter… but I’d end up with 150 dogs in my little apartment. I just couldn’t not save them.

48. I overuse the phrase “(adjective) as balls”. Very ladylike… I know.

49. I was taught that image is all you have. That my dear- was a lie. But its so ingrained in my life now that I have problems not wondering/caring what people will think.

50. I hate being mean to people…. and I hate when other people are mean to people. I don’t think that people realize how much words and/or small actions effect the psyche of others.

51. I think high school is simply a social experiment that government officials use to torture teenagers. And I think failed the experiment.

52. I over think every. Single. Little. Thing.

53. I use “….” way too much. I think it creates drama.

54. Greek has got to be the most amazing show in the world. I thought I was going to die when the first season was over and I had to wait FOREVER for the next one.

55. I loathe talking on the phone.

56. I’d kill a man for a MacBook to iChat with J when I go back to Arkansas. Eh… I’ll see him for real in a little over 4 months… I think I may live without the MacBook.

57. I lie sometimes. (I wouldn’t kill a man… maybe maim him though.)

58. I tell people more information than they should know.

59. I am way too trusting for my own good.

60. I have never even experimented with drugs. And never will.

61. I think smoking is trashy and won’t date a guy that smokes any more than occasionally with drinks.

62. When I get really upset, I usually get physically ill for a week or so too.

63. I would be perfectly okay if I never had to go on another first date again.

64. I think ellipses are a bad idea… but so is not getting my degree. (Get the Garden State reference?) No ellipses and getting my degree is DOUBLY good

65. I was voted Best Smile for my class one year.

66. I don’t understand why I do or say half of what I do… so I don’t expect you to.

67. I’m semi-allergic to cats.

68. I believe that music is the best therapy ever. Theres always at least one song somewhere that puts things into words that you couldn’t.

69. Speaking of therapy, therapists suck… and if I had one more person ask me “so, how does that make you feel?” or any slight variation of that, I was going to kill them. Legit- kill them.

70. The songs that fit my life right now are “Starts with Goodbye” by Carrie Underwood, “Against All Odds” by Gavin Degraw, “Back to You” by John Mayer, and “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Maroon 5. GOIN TO THE CHAPEL!

71. When I get advice, 95% of the time I wish you’d shut up and let me make my own mind up.

72. I am awfully tired of being the referee and people expecting me to take sides.

73. I’m tired of high schoolish drama. Grow up. Please.

74. I love Spanish. That is precisely why it is one of my majors. I think its all types of sexy. HATE Spanish. Its too hard :-(

75. I think that the world would be a much better place if everyone kept out of other people’s business unless invited.

76. I like being alone a lot. But lately, I would much rather not.

77. I’m a poet and didn’t even know it.

78. I hate my handwriting. So much.

79. I write letters and never send them because after I write them I realize that some things are best left unsaid. (At least TO that person. Hence my blog :-D)

80. I have this massive wall that I’ve built to protect me. It was smashed to bits after a couple weeks and I’ve never felt more vulnerable in my life.

81. I like being in total control. Too bad I rarely am.

82. When Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey divorced, I thought life as I knew it was over.

83. I’ve only been to two concerts in my life. One country guy that I totally forgot his name at Bay Fest and Hanson. Concerts in theory are good… but I can not stand to be that close to people. I start freaking out and having anxiety attack- like symptoms.

84. I just learned how to make a pot of coffee 3 months ago. I HATE coffee. Ack.

85. I’ve met a couple guys that point blank fit my “ideal guy” list. There was 0 chemistry. The idea is almost always better than the reality.

86. I’ve seen ghosts and am terrified of the dark.

87. I go no where without my iPhone. Its the most amazing invention ever.

88. I would LOVE to be able to play guitar but I don’t think that I’m physically capable. I can never push hard enough on the strings.

89. If I could jump in the future and see what was going to be going on in 5 years, who I was going to be with (if anyone) and where I would be and all that jazz…. I would SO do it.

90. I want to go to a psychic…. but I am way too scared of what she’ll tell me… or won’t tell me.

91. I think that everything happens for a reason. Even if it effing sucks.

92. I’m scared of what people will expect from me when I move back. Expected drunk Danielle… got boring Danielle.

93. I think that at the age of 20 I have a lot of growing up left to do… but I now know exactly how I want to complete that process and where I want to be/who I want to be with when its done.

94. I wish I was a lot more outdoorsy and athletic.

95. I hate those girls that are just born super tiny but CONSTANTLY complain that they think they are fat yet won’t lift a finger to work out.

96. I sleep way more than necessary.

97. If theres one thing that I never want to forget, it would be the day that I got engaged and how that completely weightless feeling of perfection and endless hope was floating all around.

98. I love art. I could spend days in an art museum and never get bored. Too bad I suck at making art myself.

99. I love “that look” someone gets when they tell you they love you.

100. I will never get over him. And I’m okay with that. Not only am I okay with that… but its fan freaking tastic! I would hope that I would never get over him!


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  1. totally agree with number 12. i despise that movie.

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