A dream is a wish your heart makes

I heard somewhere that when you become pregnant you start having crazy dreams like every. single. night.  Um…. there is no physically possible way that I’m pregnant unless I’m carrying one of two things…. a) spawn of Satan or b) God’s other son- George.

Anywho- I have been having the CRAZIEST dreams lately.  Everything from running and falling off buildings, to watching myself as I’m floating above my head, to being chased by monsters, to being homeless, to last night’s dolphin dream. It was really really odd.

I was sitting next to this huge tank with dolphins and sharks.  My feet were dangling in when all of a sudden one of the dolphins wants to play.  She grabs my foot with her teeth and pulls me in.  Then she circles around me and for a bit it was like I was a mermaid.  I could see under water… breathe under water… and swim amazingly.  But as soon as I got out of the water- I was normal again.  So I got out and dangled my feet in again…. but the dolphin wasn’t done playing.  She grabbed my foot again and circled around me then pushed me up out of the water. (Think the thing they do where they glide you across the water at Sea World teamed with a huge catapult to thrust you from the water as they jump in and out) That sounds pretty normal right?  Right… except that my dolphin had a problem.  Its head was all bumpy like it was crossed with something else.  So it was a dolphin without really being a dolphin?  Yea… that sounds about right.

Feeling very curious- I looked up what dolphin dreams meant.
“DOLPHINS : Dolphins tend to be very spiritual creatures and we associate them with beautiful harmonious feelings and great intelligence. They can link with good communication within a relationship and spiritual excitement. So look for such themes right now in your life.

QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
– Does the dream seem to be about one person? If so does your relationship seem a lot easier right now??
– In what ways have you been enjoying life recently?”

– It was all about me and my dolphin…. so uh… my relationship with myself?  I’ve actually been doing pretty good…. finally getting to the point where I’m happy with my body and where I’m at.
-I have been enjoying life in the form of nonstop wedding planning and the ultimate registering for gifts.  Its like making your list to Santa but you get to pick out the brand, color, and size too.

Maybe there is something to this unconscience dream meaning thing.


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