Are you there Blog? Its me, Danielle.

Now I can’t decide if substituting “Blog” for “God” will send me directly to hell or not….

Guess we’ll see.

Things have been tres busy lately if you can’t tell due to my extended absence.  I would take a picture of my bedroom and bathroom to show you how messed up they are to validate me even more but I am WAY too embarassed for that.

Failed my classes I took this summer… which rocks…. I vote that all college professors must have an easy to understand (or at least not impossible to understand) English accent when teaching super hard classes. It makes my life so much harder than it should be. $1500 down the hole… never to see ever ever again. Boo.

Been planning my weddddding!  Yea bitches its still on!  I would have to say that my favorite thing about being engaged is talking to old boyfriends and rubbing it in their face that I found a wonderful man who loves me and wants to give me the world and they are trying to figure out what whore they slept with gave them the clap.  Selfish?  Probably.  But I don’t care.

Went and got my dress last weekend… it is gorgeous!!  And Cheap!!! AND we booked a venue that you should click right here to see.

So yes- good things are all around :-) expect more blogging. I am determined to not let it slip away again.


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