New Life- New Beginnings

Last night around 10:45pm HST my mom called me.  Initially, I was really worried as that makes it about 3:45am her time.  When I answered the phone she sounded calm and collected.  I breathed a sigh of relief and she told me that my cousin was going into labor.  Everything was fine, she just wanted to let me know.

My 18 year old cousin gave birth to a baby boy this morning at about 11:30 CST. He was a month early but still weighed nearly 7 lbs. I have only seen 2 pictures but of course he looks cute.

This got me thinking though.  Its really funny how life works sometimes.  My cousin and I were pretty close growing up and even back when we were 7 or so, I was always the one talking about how I wanted my husband to be and what I wanted to name my future kids.  She said she never wanted kids. Ever. And she never wanted to get married. She has said that since I can even remember.  And here she is with a brand new baby boy. Yes, the pregnancy was a surprise but in the end she accepted it and I think was even a little happy about it.

She and her fiance have been together almost 2 years.  She said she doesn’t want to marry him but couldn’t really say no to his proposal since they were living together.  After being engaged about 3 months, she got in a wreck.  She hurt her back so she had gotten a doctor’s appointment to have it checked out.  While in X-Ray they asked her if she knew that she was pregnant.  I’ll never forget that phone call after she found out. She had cried all the tears away but there was still a lingering sense of “I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this.” left in her voice.

My mom sent me pictures of her taken right after the baby was born. There is one where she is pointing at him and crying.  It was obvious that those tears were because she was so happy. They always say that you can never understand the love that a mother has for her child until you become a mother yourself. That picture proved just that.

Its odd to think that another living being came from my younger cousin. Its odd to think that he has his whole life ahead of him.  A life of learning to walk and learning morals and developing character.  A life filled with love, happiness, sadness, and finding out who he really is.  Someday he’ll start liking girls and go on dates.  He’ll graduate high school and hopefully college.  This small helpless being literally has the world at his finger tips and my cousin gets to help mold him into the best man that he can be.

It gives an entirely new perspective on a “clean slate”.


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