LAX and all the joys it brings

I love getting emails from people you forgot about- or even better- people you assumed had forgotten about you.  That magical moment when you see their name in your inbox can’t be explained.  Before even reading the email you start to smile because that means that even for a brief moment you were on their mind.

With that being said, I opened up my email today to see that LA Lawyer had written me.  Now, not many of my friends know about LA Lawyer seeing as its kind of a complicated situation and most of my friends are shallow enough to deem me “skanky” after I continued to keep in contact with him.  Therefore- I’m going to put this out in bloggy land and gush there.

On my semi-recent flight back home, I met someone.  An amazing someone to be exact.  First of all I would like to point out that I was taking my 2 year old niece back home and had already been stripped of my ring so I slightly resembled a scared (yet very trendy- I might add) single mother. Therefore, I expected to get 0 looks… much less talks and subsequent exchanging of phone numbers and emails.  Anyways- this amazing someone sat next to me on the long flight from LA to Houston.  At first I was a little nervous seeing as its a fairly lengthy flight and I don’t like being that close to people I don’t know.  But, nevertheless, this very attractive man introduced himself and commented on how cute my “daughter” was.  I quickly explained that I am no mother, simply a very caring, helpful, nice, sweet, loving sister who bends over backwards for the men in her life. (Ha! I’m not lying… I swear) My niece fell asleep within the first 10 minutes of flight leaving the entire time to just LA Lawyer and me.

We talked about everything from college, to parents, to love, to life in general.  I’m telling you- this man probably knows more about me now than some of my closest friends.  I kid you not.  He told me a multitude of things about himself including how he grew up in Beverly Hills, he is Yale Alumni, he was starting guard 4 years on the basketball team at Yale, he is a lawyer in a prestigious law firm in LA, he has 2 sons- one of which is 13 (Um… 6 years younger than me?! EEEK!), he is divorced, single etc. etc. At this point I’m thinking- Wow nice guy… but you would think that he would come up with a better story than being a rich, successful, intelligent, driven, attractive, stable guy who loves kids and is interested in me.  I mean, those just don’t sit next to you on every flight.  We talked a little about age and I begrudgingly told him how old I really was.  I could tell that he was a lot older than me and it would have been a lot better to say I was oh… 25. But no- damn my honest nature. He kind of chuckled a bit but never actually said how old he was.  There was not a silent moment the entire flight.  I was amazed at how easy it was to talk to him.  When the pilot came over the intercom to say that we were landing- my heart dropped.  I knew that these past few wonderful hours were coming to a close and there would be nothing more of it.  He is a late thirties (or so I thought) lawyer living in LA and I’m a 19 year old college student taking a break from school to live in Hawaii.  Right before the pilot turned off the seatbelt sign he turned to me and said “******, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you.  I know this seems crazy, but I really want to see you again.  And soon.  Lets figure something out so we can get to know each other more. Heres my card. My cell phone number is on the back. Please, call.” Then away he went down the isle as my jaw rests lightly on the floor because THAT just happened.  The last flight of the day I was in total La La Land and feeling quite confident about myself as well.

When I got home, the La La Land feeling had faded and I got to thinking- this guy surely must be a con artist and has an amazing back story to make every girl swoon.   Um, no. Me being the delightfully resourceful/nosy/stalker that I am, Googled Him. Yes, I did. And I didn’t have to search far either.  The very first link that came up was LA Lawyer. It was the firm’s website where they had an entire page filled to the brim with his accomplishments including all the ones he had told me about and more.  Um- anyone watch CNN’s Burden of Proof? He used to frequent that show as a main commentator.  I was floored. Partly to the fact that I saw his graduation year from Law School was a number of years before I was even born.

Regardless of his age, I still had to talk to him again.  Since I am a Southern Belle and we like to pretend its the 1800s, I was always taught that a lady is NEVER to call a gentleman whom there may be romantic interest until there is an established relationship. I stray from this occasionally but generally am pretty good about it. Therefore, instead of calling, I emailed.  (I never said there weren’t loop holes.) The next day, I had a reply.  We kept up daily emails for about 3 weeks until I started freaking out that he was planning on coming to Hawaii in 2 weeks to see me.  Uh- yes.  MAJOR FREAK OUT.  I mean what exactly does a mid-40s man expect when flying out to see a 19 yr old that he met on a plane once? I had NO idea… I can’t get into bars… I wasn’t sure how comfortable I would be hanging out in his hotel or whatever… I freaked out and stopped emailing.  Seeing as he would have spent last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday morning here, last Monday I decided to email him back a response and just say I got “really busy at work and things have been hectic.” I honestly didn’t expect a reply from him…. but today I got one! And I’m happy about it too.  I’m not thinking that coming to visit me in NWA has the same lure of visiting me in HNL though. ;-)


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